Rajputana Haar

Rs. 92,500.00

The Regal Sterling Silver gold plated Choker necklace studded with Moissanite polkis is a perfect pick for your special day. The choker is finished with pear drop motifs set in Moissanite polkis complimented by pearl drops and green colored beads. The Necklace has a drawstring(sarafa) for closing.
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What is the significance of pear drop motifs?

Pear drop motifs are decorative elements shaped like teardrops. They can symbolize tears of joy, elegance, and grace, adding a touch of sophistication to jewelry designs.

What are Moissanite polkis?

Moissanite polkis are synthetic gemstones that resemble the look of traditional uncut diamonds, often used in jewelry to add sparkle and elegance.

How do I care for my jewellery to keep it looking its best?

It's essential to avoid exposing jewellery to harsh chemicals or abrasive materials. Regularly clean it with a soft cloth, mild soap, and warm water. Store each piece separately to prevent scratches, and avoid wearing jewellery during physical activities or while bathing.

Can I shower or swim while wearing my jewellery?

It is generally recommended to remove your jewellery before showering, swimming, or engaging in water activities. Chlorine and saltwater can damage some metals and gemstones over time.

What is a drawstring (sarafa) closure?

The Necklace features a drawstring (sarafa) closure, which is a mechanism used to adjust the length of the necklace by pulling the ends of the string. This provides flexibility in terms of how tight or loose you'd like the choker to fit around your neck.

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Rajputana Haar

Regal Radiance

Elevate elegance with our choker. Pear drop motifs, Moissanite polkis, and adjustable closure create a regal masterpiece for your special moments.

Customer reviews
Stunning combination of pearls and polkis. The choker's design garnered attention and admiration at any event I wear it to!
— Pooja Sharma
Pearls, polkis, and an adjustable fit – the choker's uniqueness and regal feel made it a standout choice. This Choker Set is my choice for all Indian outfits.
— Palak Shah
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